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Jane E. Morris, Licensed Massage Therapist #2849

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30 minute to 1 hour therapy sessions are available by appointment 

30 minute session $65.00

60 minute sessions $90.00  

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A new therapy office has opened in the  Oil Center within the office of Richard Duplantis, MD, DC, MA. in Lafayette, LA.

Providing Myofascial Release and massage therapy .

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Myofascial Release Therapy is the hands on application of a gentle force plus traction and time until the tissues begin to give/release restoring the tissues to normal integrity.

"Myo" refers to muscle

"Fascia" refers to the fibrous tissue/sheath that surrounds the muscle, Fascia has been found to surround body tissues down to the cellular level.

Fascia changes through repeated stress and injury. These changes can lead to fascial restriction leading to pain and lack of mobility and function.

Myofascial Release Therapy gently provides a way to help the body restore normal tissue integrity and function  

About Us

Release . Renew . Restore

Experience Myofascial Release Therapy

Experience the effective gentle force Restoring health and well being

Experience therapeutic healthcare at it's finest from a highly skilled therapist who has practiced Myofascial Release,for more than 20 years 

Experience Healing

Feel the change as muscle tightness starts to give, release

Feel the change as pressure is alleviated from joints and motion increases

Feel the change of increased flexibility

Reach for a New Way

Reach for Results through the skillful hands of a John F. Barnes, PT, trained therapist who has assisted many on their journey to a healthy, pain free lifestyle

Jane E. Morris, LMT, OT.

Louisiana Massage Therapy license #2849


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